House Plant’s


The 10th of January was House Plant Appreciation Day. In past years I wouldn’t have cared much for this day, but in light of my new love of surrounding myself with greenery I believe my babies deserve a shout out. House Plant’s purify the air, makes it easier to concentrate and just fills people with joy (each are a fact.)

Here are my house plants…


ONE – The Peace Lily is the first plant I ever bought. It lasted only a few months before dying, but it’s replacement has been going strong. I learnt a lot since the first one. Firstly don’t overwater. It’s actually easier to overwater house plants then it is to underwater. Overwatering rots the roots of the plant. It’s dark green leaves and white flowers that bloom in the warmer months of the year are a lovely contrast. I recommend you choose a peace lilly as your first plant.

TWO – The next plant is a Calathea. This plant is another great plant to have indoors. It is nicknamed the “Zebra” Plant. It’s native to Brazil so this plant enjoys tropical climates and suits other climates quite well. A way to make it feel at home is to mist the plant with a spray bottle everyday. Keeping the actual leaves moist will make your plant very happy.

THREE – The absolute simplest plant’s to take care of are Succulents. These come in all different shapes, shades of green and sizes. And they make caring for them a breeze. They deal well with neglect. Lot’s of people say different things in regards to watering. But as a general rule of thumb, just water them when the soil becomes dry. It also depends on whether the succulents are in a well lit, warmer room or the complete opposite. I water mine once a week (if that).

FOURPalms are the final plant type I will mention. I only just recently bought my
Kentia Palm from Ikea and I am even more impressed with this one then the rest. Palm’s are lovely “statement” plants to have in your living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Plant’s are the perfect addition to your life and home. Go to IKEA, Flower Power, markets or your local plant nursery and spend as little as $8 and as much for $30 on each plant.

Other Tips: House Plant’s like to have indirect light, so having your plant’s near a winter is useful. Direct sunlight is a no, no though.
Well drained pot’s are essential to have your plants in.
For further care details on plant’s
is a great resource.

The message is simple: Greenify your life with house plant’s, you won’t regret it.




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