My Happy Place


A happy place is defined as a place which a person associates with happiness, visualized as a means of reducing stress, calming down, etc.; (hence) a happy state of mind.

The location pictured above is my ultimate happy place. Thankfully it is very close to where I live, within walking distance in fact. A stroll across the vast golf course gets me to my destination. And once I reach there I am at peace.

This mini beach in Eastern Sydney is much quieter then most. During the winter in particular I can get it all to myself, if I choose my time wisely. It’s one of Sydney’s best kept secrets. Locals, and friends of locals know it best.

At dusk is when I go here most, I place myself on a rock and just sit there. Thinking, wondering, reminiscing, dreaming. During the summer I will go for swims in the fresh, clear water and in the cooler months, I’ll climb rocks and take in the crisp, salty air. Later in the day it’s so quiet that all I can hear is the miniature waves crashing on the shore.  Like magic, all negative feelings and bad memories drift away.
I’m where I’m supposed to be, I’m home.


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