Invasion Day


To most people in Australia today is known as “Australia Day” – it represents a day back in 1788 when white man “founded” New South Wales and claimed it as their own.

But to many others this day is Invasion Day or Survival Day. This is a day when white man took the Aboriginal peoples land and changed their lives drastically. Since the invasion they introduced new diseases, took kids from their parents, forced them to change their way of life, destroyed many lives and much more.

For the traditional owners of this land, this is a tough day. And I can only imagine seeing the country you live in and the people you share it with celebrating loud and proud during their day of mourning would be quite hurtful.

Please note: I don’t judge people for celebrating Australia Day, it’s just been something that we’ve all grown up with expecting to have a bbq, wear green and gold and so on. Until recently I did too. I guess it’s once you sit down and really think about it, that you realise it’s not appropriate to celebrate on this day.

I am proud to be Australian and am very thankful to be in a country that is so beautiful, vast and generally safe. But on this day, among many other people I choose not to celebrate this today.

There is an extremely simple solution to all this. Changing the date is an easy and cheap way to stop the hurt. Changing the day will make January 26 just a day for the Aboriginal people to mourn and remember what past generations went through.

If none of what I said resonated with you, please watch the above video to hear what this day means to the Aboriginal People of Australia.

Respect and Remember x


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