Life is full of changes. Some are decided by you, others are out of your control. Change can make your life better, or it can have your world crumble to the ground. Sometimes a new experience is temporary, and other times it’s set in stone. Change can be long term, it can also only be a small piece of time. Change affects people in different ways. Some can’t sit still and love to do and try new things, others like things to stay as they are, and even when they decide to make a move it makes them feel sick. But what is true for everyone is…

Change is inevitable &
Change is good for you

I personally have had a love/hate relationship with this concept all my life. Deep down I love trying new things, and shifting areas of my life. I also get bored easily and need things to look forward to. But at the start of any change (good or bad) for a little while I feel sick to my stomach. I often question my decision, it doesn’t matter if I’ve thought it through a million times. With bigger changes, like going to a new school, or going on a solo holiday I’m always excited when I choose to make a change, but once I get to the actual event, I freeze and am overcome with fear. It’s come to a stage where in these moments, when the change has first been made I cry. I cry like a small child leaving their parents on the first day of school. It’s something that happens every time, and it’s something that will likely happen for the rest of my life, and I’ve accepted that.

A while back in my teenage years and early 20s I would let it stop me from improving or expanding my life. I was offered a job in 2009 and turned it down just because I had to run errands around the Sydney CBD. No joke. I decided not to do this job for the fear of getting lost. eh? This is one point when I let my initial thoughts and feelings of change get the better of me. I didn’t give it go, I just gave up before I’d even started.

This is something that is NOT good to do. And thankfully as I’ve grown up, become more confident I have taken jobs I’m scared of, gone travelling by myself, attended many events alone, studied things I am interested in and simply just lived.

Next week I start a new course, one that when I signed up for it I felt extremely excited about and felt that this is the right direction for my career. Naturally now that I start in a couple of days I am doubting myself, and I have a million butterflies flying around in my stomach. Below are a list of things that I want to remind myself and also remind you of when making a change in our lives.

  1. Be patient – nothing happens overnight, and no matter how you feel right now, the next day could and probably will be much better.
  2. Robert Frost wisely said “the best way out is through.” – give is a go. give it a month or two, half a year or even the full duration of the change. It’s best to see through what you commit yourself too.
  3. Be honest – if you’re feeling nervous, or absolutely terrified talk to someone you trust about it. Starting a new job and feel like crawling into a hole? When someone ask’s you at work how your days going, just say that you’re not feeling very good right now. After doing this 99% of the time, you will have someone to help you through.
  4. Trust yourself – at the end of the day, the only person who can get you through the day or a drastic change in your life is you.
  5. “Everything happens for a reason” – you’ve heard it a million times before but it really is the most important thing to remember when going through what you see as a negative change at the time. After a while there will always be something good to come out of it, a lesson learnt or a new and better option.
  6. If you “fail” (ie don’t finish a course, or quit a job because it stresses you out too much) do NOT feel bad about yourself. You tried something new and that is the most important thing.
  7. Don’t put pressure on yourself – give yourself time to adjust to the change, don’t compare yourself to how quickly someone else gets it.
  8. Everybody else feels the same. Maybe not exactly the same as you feel. There are some people who are diagnosed with anxiety and change impacts them more, and some who are nervous but are ready to dive in. But it’s important to remember that change affects everybody, whether it’s the President of the US or a Mother, change is an adjustment.


along with this blog post I have made a playlist over at – open on the app or website now to view some reflective, inspiring and sweet tunes.



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