The Government want’s to send refugees back to Nauru and a movement has begun to convince to government to treat refugees better. To treat them with respect and understanding. To put themselves in their shoes. I believe it’s time we need to stop being so selfish and let them in and let them stay. This is just a quick note to add to the protest.

I don’t understand those who tell them to go home. Home for them means war, means deaths, means disease, means family suffering, means children living in fear. Home is meant to be where you feel safest, where you can walk down the street and have conversations with people. Home is where you feel content. Home is where you want to be. They want to make our country their new home.

Nauru isn’t where they wanted to go. They wanted to come to Australia. They wanted to come to a first world nation that’s far away from their original lands, they wanted a second chance. Sure it’s better on Nauru then a lot of places that they came from. But it’s still a confined environment. There is no hope on that island. No opportunity. They can’t even apply for jobs. Their future there is blank.

And although I acknowledge this issue is a difficult thing to manage and work out (and I don’t envy the people who need to do that) I can’t sit around and accept what they are currently dealing with. We are a generally safe and extremely lucky nation. If refugees choose to come here, what a compliment! We can take more. And we need to put/keep these innocent people on Australian soil.



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