Simply March

Watched: I saw the film ‘Room’ this month and absolutely adored it. Really sad, but incredibly uplifting in the end.  Youtube accounts I’ve been loving include Alli Cherry (lifestyle, style, capsule wardrobes etc) Cartia Mallan (style, vlogs) and Much Elleb
Listened to: I recently reignited my love of Jeff Buckley music. Gone way too soon, such a talent. My favorites are Lilac Wine and Corpus Christi Carol.
Other songs I’ve enjoyed this month include Knife Edge – Matt Corby,  White Privilege II – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Till It Happens To You – Lady Gaga.

Experienced: Roadtrip to Newie: this Easter long weekend I drove to Newcastle, NSW with some friends. The trip consisted of eating and spending time round the beaches.
Outing to Art Gallery NSW: my first stop of Biennale 2016 was AGNSW. My favorite piece throughout the exhibition was Taro Shinoda’s “Abstraction of Confusion” – pretty much just a room with cracked white brick walls, but oh so moving.

Bought: This month I needed a new book to read, so I went to my local Salvo’s and found a book called Madness – A Memoir by Kate Richards. Pretty much it is a biography written by a Medical Researcher who just happens to suffer from mental illness. It’s quite intense, as Kate offers an extremely honest portrayal of her day to day life. Only read a couple of chapters so far, and I’m hooked!

Learnt: This month was another painful lesson in the fact that you have no clue what is going on in a persons life. Everybody is struggling with something, some are unimaginable. This is why we need to treat everyone we know or will know with love, respect and kindness. Something I will definitely work on in this coming month.

If you’re going through something difficult and are having thoughts of suicide, call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or talk to someone who you trust. There’s always someone to listen, please don’t give up.

Inspired By: A friend  of mines baby was born 3 months premature in February and throughout March he’s been fighting very bravely and getting healthier and stronger. His mum also inspires me for her strength and positivity throughout. They have a go fund me page and they’d greatly appreciate any help they can get for medical bills etc. Click here to help out.



SIMPLY ECLARE is where I (Emily Simpson) express my thoughts, share the things that bring me joy, give awareness to things that are dear to me and try to inspire others
to live simply.

Twitter: @emily_cs
Instagram: @simplyeclare


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