I have been going to Newcastle since I was born. My mum grew up there and most of my family still live there. It’s one of my favorite places in the world for several reasons. One obviously being many of the memories I cherish the most we’re there. But I also love the beaches, lakes, cafes and the general laid back vibe of the city. It’s just two-two and a half hours out of Sydney and is pretty much a small city or a really big small town.



There are many beautiful beaches in Newy (nickname), in the cbd and outer suburbs. My pick is Merriweather Beach. Here you will find a couple of lovely cafes, gorgeous scenery and a spectacular ocean pool. From the pool walk to your right. Here you’ll find a rock face and after you trek through tiny pools of water and clusters of rocks you will find more beaches! Secluded, blissful, quiet, perfect.



Blue Door is by far to best place to eat in Newcastle. They have a cafe on hunter street, and a smaller “kiosk” style one near Merriweather. Fresh, colourful, simplistic food can be found here. To add to the experience, DJ is often at the Hunter St cafe playing chilled tunes


For dinner, nightlife and a picturesque sunset, Honeysuckle is perfect. There’s plenty of restaurants to choose from and a few casual bars along the water.




Do yourself a favour and visit Newcastle. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing week away.




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