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One of my favorite female voices is Jasmine van den Bogaerde (otherwise known as Birdy). Since hearing her rendition of Skinny Love off her self titled album. & each album since has upped the one before. Her new album Beautiful Lies is absolutely stunning. Traditional Birdy with a few more upbeat, POP tunes. The best albums tell a story. The album starts off with honest and emotional songs about heartbreak, loss etc and ends with Birdy’s new lease on life. Keep reading for comments on each song…


Growing Pains: Birdy is a young adult now. This song (along with the others on the album) explore her growing up experiences including progressions in relationships.
Shadow: This song is very authentic to Birdy’s style. It concentrates on her gorgeous tones and range.
Deep End: In my eyes the softer the better, when it comes with her songs, and this one is just that. Very similar to Shadow her voice is the hero of the song. It appears to explore her feelings towards a loved one going through a tough time.
Wild Horses: This is her most recent single off the album, and it makes total sense. Really upbeat and catchy chorus. One of the more inspirational songs, about moving on and being strong.
Lost It All: This song starts off featuring her voice and a piano with a background drum beat coming in later on. Really pretty and raw song.
Silhouette:  This is one of my favorites. It’s stunning and raw. If this we’re being played in concert it’d be the moment when you get your phone light on and start swaying. Lovely lyrics also. “And the bittersweet of every new defeat. Is I’m stronger than before”
Lifted: Trying to tap your foot, dance or clap during this song’s chorus is near impossible. It’s about rising above whatever happens.
Take My Heart: It’s interesting that Birdy is only 19 and has plenty of experiences of love and loss already. It does make for some pretty songs however.
Hear You Calling: The verses don’t interest me much, but the chorus with her high notes and upbeat saves the song.
Words: Her honesty in these songs is greatly appreciated. And again the chorus takes this song to a new level.
Save Yourself: This is a really deep and sad song by Birdy. It’s more than likely a breakup song, but what I take it as is a message to look after yourself and know when to get out of any situation.
Unbroken: This song carries on beautifully from the previously one. “Many moons will lighten the way. And sure this night will follow a day. And everything you once loved remains, unbroken.”
Beautiful Lies: I don’t know what she went through since her sophomore album, but she sure has used her music as therapy.
Beating Heart: Back to inspirational ballads and easily my favorite song on the album. The lyrics are enough to earn that title. “You’ve been trying too hard trying to start. It takes time, don’t lose yourself. Don’t keep fighting your heart, stay as you are. Don’t change for anyone else.”
Winter: Apart from being a good song to add to your seasonal playlist, I’m not too fussed by this song, her voice is still stunning though.
Give Up: This is a close second to beating heart for me. This goes out to everybody’s ride or dies, the people who are always there for their loved ones, in good and bad times. Really upbeat tune and a great way to start the end of the album.
Start Again: After an emotional beginning, the back end of the album is dedicated to the songs about moving on and starting fresh. “I’m starting to heal and find some faith
I’m starting to feel what side of place. Don’t need you to save me, I can’t wait. To fool, to fail and start again.”
Wings (acoustic): Lastly an acoustic version of my favorite Birdy song, Wings. Just as pretty, just as inspiring, just as raw and honest. Perfect.

Beautiful Lies is available for $17.99 on Itunes now.



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