Today is World Earth Day. A day to remember that we all need to protect our planet. Every one of us can do a few things to contribute in the fight for this beautiful world. With global warming, and all the other tragic changes happening to this earth, it is essential that we start now. Before its too late! Here are some ways that I work in the best interests of the earth and I encourage you to make little steps like this also.

1. Stop using plastic bags: Working at a supermarket I am very aware of how much plastic is used by people doing their shopping. Sometimes customers ask for a bag just for a packet of lollies! It’s totally unnecessary, and really careless if you ask me. Using canvas bags is the way to go. They’re cheap, durable and fit a lot more items then these flimsy plastic ones (they’re getting thinner each year).

2. Eat a plant based diet: Lately I’ve been looking into veganism and the benefits. I myself have stopped eating red meat and chicken and cut out 95% of dairy products, and maybe one day I will go 100% vegan. Not only is eating animals quite inhumane and unhealthy for us; it’s also contributing to global warming and hurting our world. Even if you have a few animal product free days a week, or only eating it every once in a while, you will make a difference. Watch this video to see the facts.

3. Recycling: This ones pretty obvious but it’s too important to skip over here. Pay attention to where you put your rubbish. Paper, bottles, cans and much more can and should be put in your recycle bin. Another thing I do often is reuse things. Use a glass bottle for vase, use takeaway containers for storing food, turn old clothing into cleaning cloths. The list goes on and on.

4. Go Paperless: I have recently gone paperless with numerous things including bank statements and forms. I hope to go completely paperless one day, but just little steps like these will make a difference and save paper for more useful things.

5. Pick up rubbish: Something I’ve started thinking about recently is going to my local beach, park etc and picking up rubbish left behind by people. The amount people still litter is truly disgusting and we need a few of us to pick up the slack. Go for a walk with a plastic bag and gloves, and dispose of anything you find.

6. Go for nature walks: Doing this won’t necessarily make a difference to the environment but what it does do is make you appreciate our beautiful world and empower you to do whatever you can to protect our planet. Travelling will do this too.

What do you do to contribute to the fight for our environment? I’d love to know!



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