June Favorites

Watched: Orange Is The New Black season 4. I laughed, I cringed and I cried, ALOT. This season had the most emotion stirring moments since the beginning. I’m not going to spoil anything, but get ready for a roller-coaster of feelings.

I’ve discovered a few new youtube channels this past month.
First HouseOfAesthetics – I love her style of filming. Includes videos about minimalism, style and interior design ideas.
More Salt Please – This creator has a very relaxed and cool approach is taken to all her videos. She’s trained as a chef and in recent times has become a vegan and now has a great combination of the two in her videos.

Listened To: Evening Chill Playlist on Spotify – perfect music for the end of a busy day when it’s time to wind down and go about your night routine. 

Experienced: This month I went to the Blue Mountains for a few days. This consisted of exploring Scenic World, eating vegan Italian at Pappadino’s in Katoomba, and visiting Everglades Gardens. I stayed in Leura at an air b&b and had a lovely time out in nature, breathing in the fresh air and relaxing away from the “real world.”

Inspired by: My Air B&B Host told us that she has Parkinsons disease. When a lot of people would only see the negatives and find it difficult to move beyond that (rightfully so) she turned her diagnosis into a positive (quitting her big city job, moving to the mountains and opening up an air B&B.) She kept mentioning that her diagnosis made her see life so clear and she doesn’t feel sorry for herself for having Parkinsons.

Created: This month I put some time to the side to re-paint my bedroom/office and switched up the decor. I’m so happy with how it turned out. All white everything!


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