For mum, on her birthday

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.45.36 AM

5 Reasons why I look up to her…

  1. She’s selfless: my mum almost always puts others before herself. Whether it’s her family, clients at her work, colleagues etc
  2. She works hard: my mum is the hardest worker I know. She’s often in the office from 9am in the morning to 8pm at night, even working on Sundays often. She not only wants to get things done, she wants to do them well.
  3. She’s a giver: my mum always wants to give back to those in need. If someone rings up asking for donations to a cause, she will often say yes. When there’s something my sister, Dad or I need to talk about she will drop everything to listen.
  4. She’s been a wonderful wife/mother: family is so important to her, I couldn’t of asked for a more kind, generous and loving mother and I was also very lucky to grow up with parents who respect each other and treat one another with kindness and love.
  5. She does a lot to help improve the lives of people with disabilities: my mum is the executive officer at a community legal centre for people with intellectual disabilities. She generally loves the field she works in and wants to assist in achieving a better and easier life for her clients and anyone with a disability around the world.

Happy Birthday Mum! xo

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