5 Truths about Introverts

  1. No two introverts are the same.
    Just like any group of people, there are differences between us. Some of us like to socialise, some like to spend more time by themselves. some are outgoing, some are shy. some like to express themselves through writing, and some like to shout it to the world.
  2. There’s more of us out there then you realise.
    Studies have shown more people are introverts then it used to be understood. Albert Einstein, introvert. Gandhi, introvert. Barrack Obama, introvert. Lady Gaga, introvert. Kim Kardashian, introvert. Ellen Degenerous, introvert.
  3. Social anxiety, shyness, sensitivity, vulnerability do not correlate with introversion.
    Those types of characteristics are completely separate parts of a persons personality. I consider myself shy, and highly sensitive but many other introverts don’t feel that way one bit.
  4. Introverts are just as important and influential are extroverts.
    It’s a cliche but it literally takes all types to make the world so round. The fact that everybody is so unique is unbelievably important.
  5. There are some awesome resources to get to understand the correlation between introversion and extraversion. Here are just a few.
    QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking
    By Susan Cain (book)
    www.quietrev.com (website)
    What Kind of Introvert Are You (website)



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