Life is full of choices. Some are amazing decisions, some you learn from, and some are just downright bad. For today I want to focus on the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Travelling Solo: There is nothing more scary and gratifying then travelling all on your own. In 2013 I did part of my Euro trip alone. And back in 2014 I embarked on an adventure around North America, by myself. For a month. Absolutely terrifying at the start but by the end I was so happy. I grew as a person, met many new people, learnt a lot, and best of all I got to do whatever the heck I wanted. And now next year I am going to do it all over again, and I cannot wait.

Transitioning to Veganism: At the end of April this year I started eating plant based. And throughout the year I have been transitioning into a 100% ethical vegan. This means that I don’t support or condone anything that causes harm and suffering to animals. In terms of health I have never felt better. I’ve discovered new foods, have more energy and just feel generally better. And this decision has also helped save hundreds of animals, and helped the environment. Best decision ever.

To cut my hair short: For years I had long hair, the longer the better. This was until earlier this year when I decided I wanted a change. I cut my hair to about an inch above the shoulder and I’ve never looked back. I now get my hair trimmed at my local just cuts every 3 months or so. I honestly wish I’d made this decision sooner. I feel lighter and it looks way better (in my opinion).

Working at a disability day program: In 2015 I spent quite a bit of time volunteering at a day program for people with moderate – high intellectual disabilities. And this was the moment I found my calling. I want to work with or for those who need some assistance. Whether thats in disability, aged care, mental health or the homeless. I want to work for the community. So in February of this year I went to TAFE and started studying Cert IV in Community Services. I have found my calling thanks to this small decision.

Decluttering: Taking part in the decluttering process was (and continues to be) the most freeing feeling. I’d guess I’ve donated, sold or thrown away over 400 physical possessions including clothes, accessories, furniture, technology and so on. I also decluttered my digital life, including my laptop and phone, unfollowed people on instagram and twitter, unfriended people on facebook and so on. After doing this I was on a mission to live a simple life, and oh boy does it feel incredible.


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