After a bit of a hiatus writing blog posts, I’m back! With what I’ve been enjoying in March (with some February thrown in).


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The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Stephen Chbosky – I liked it at first, but got a bit bored near the end. (hence why I didn’t finish it) As an introvert I saw elements of myself in it and it’s great to see a character who represents the quieter people, the thinkers, the listeners.
Eating Animals: Jonathan Safran Foer – I’m only 70 pages in and have already learned so much. I’ve been vegan for about a year now and have done plenty of research, watched videos and read articles about the animal industry and the cruelty behind it. This book is yet another tool to reinforce why I will never intentionally eat, harm or exploit another animal again. Again this is after only 70 pages. The facts mentioned are startling. Including that Animal Agriculture is by far the number ONE cause of climate change and the truth behind the horrible conditions egg laying chickens have to endure, and that “free-range” only means they get a an hour or so outside of their cages a day. I will definitely write about it more when I complete it. But one word EYEOPENING.

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Lala Land: I have seen it twice now. Once in cinema’s and once illegally online (my bad) and I am in love with it. It definitely is a love story, yes. But for me it’s a film for dreamers. For people who do what they want/love to do no matter what. The songs are beautiful, and not too cheesy. Emma and Ryan are incredible. And it’s just really refreshing to watch an old hollywood inspired film with a modern setting/flair.
Moonlight: Another Oscar movie I watched recently. It’s very artsy, and inspiring. A bit slow going in parts, but everything is relevant and by the end you get why every moment was necessary. Such an important film to watch.
Lion & Hidden Figures: Both these films we’re also incredibly inspiring and are true stories. What a good season in movies! I haven’t watched this many films in quick succession ever.


Chained to the Rhythm: Katy Perry (song)
Strength Through Music (Playlist)
Lala Land (soundtrack)
The Mustards (Podcast)
Little Gold Men (Podcast)


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Adele (LIVE): She is everything you’d imagine she could be. Funny, charismatic, inspiring and talented! She sounds better then her recordings, how is that possible. I strongly suggest you check her out if/when she ever tours again.

Lentil As Anything (restaurant): Vegan, affordable, delicious and has a great message.



Since the start of the year I have started up 2 new instagram accounts. One @simplyinspiringwords is a collection of quotes, lyrics, words that have caught my eye and inspired me. I type them out and post a photo along side it. The other is where I post snaps of what I eat as a vegan, as well as some factual information. That one is @ssimplyplantbased 


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