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Frankie Magazine
Issue 77 (Magazine) – it features articles on speaking for yourself, interviews with creative people and a literary guide to Australia.
Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer (book) – over half way through. I find I have to slowly read this book because the information is just so graphic and intense. But it’s so important to read it and get as much information as possible in my brain for vegan promotion.

Short Term 12
(film) – based in a residential treatment facility for teenagers. It’s an eyeopening look into the hectic and challenging aspects of working in this industry. It also shows that the end result makes everything all worth it. Very inspiring for me as I get into the Community Services industry.
Boyhood (film) – firstly, what a feat to make a film over 10+ years. It follows the life of Mason (and his life with his family) from childhood to his arrival at college. It’s a long movie but it’s a great coming of age story. It shows the challenges and best parts of growing up.
Lock Up Documentary Series (netflix) – takes you inside the bars of several prisons around America. From pregnant women to first offenders to drug dealers and rapists/murderers. It’s important to get the full story behind the prisoners. There’s a lot of reasons why they got in there. Some fell in with the wrong crowd, some did bad things for money and many we’re just doing the best they knew how to with what they had. But of course some are completely evil and unstable.
Pick Up Limes (youtube) – vegan food/nutrition videos, and minimalism videos (aka my favorite type of channel)
The Financial Diet (youtube) – financial advice from 2 young women.
Justine Leconte (youtube) – fashion videos and she’s French. Enough said.
The Mustards (youtube) – my favorite youtuber Jenny Mustard and her partner David have a new podcast where they post every single day (4week trial). So far they have posted video’s on the happiest countries in the world, their favorites of the week and how veganism changed their lives.

Folie à deux – Fall Out Boy (album)
Off The Grip – Bliss n Eso (album)
Something Like This – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay (song)
Sign Of The Times – Harry Styles (song)
Places – Lea Michele (album)

EXPERIENCED/BOUGHTScreen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.22.54 AM
Veganized World t-shirt (clothing) – It was my vegan 1 year anniversary on May 1st, and therefore thought I should invest in my first vegan branded t-shirt! It’s a subtle message but effective. The shirt is cotton and so soft. They also have a few other options so check them out!
Adman: Warhol before Pop (exhibition) – it was such a joy to see Andy Warhol’s earlier work. It features photos, his scrapbooks, advertisements he designed, self portraits and so much more. He was so much more then just Pop Art and it’s all original and amazing. It’s on at the Art Gallery of NSW until the 28th of May.

1 year Vegan
 (blog post) – I answered a few questions about being vegan.
I’ve been posting a lot on my instagram @simplywrittenwords  – I just write quotes, lyrics, words that I adore (using the Phonto app) and post a photo along with it.

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This month I learnt that I need to do more (in terms of socialising) – I normally get really anxious about socialising, especially if it’s with people that I don’t spend much time with/don’t know. But once I’m there, I normally feel incredibly satisfied and calm. I think it’s about going with the flow and realising that if I’m not enjoying myself somewhere, you can always go home. Just got to try before I say I don’t enjoy something.



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