Favorite Albums

Mr A-Z – Jason Mraz (2002)
I was introduced to my favorite male artist listening to this album. Anyone who started tuning in after I’m Yours is not a real fan šŸ˜€ (unpopular opinion). It’s so raw and just generally perfect. A mix of upbeat songs (Wordplay & Geek In The Pink) and beautiful ballads (Plane & Mr Curiosity). My personal favorite on here is the uber inspirational Song For A Friend. There’s a reason why I’ve seen him perform 4 times. & he’s an amazing person, good to support people who give so much good to the world.

The Eminem Show – Eminem (2002)
Back when I was a 12 year old a friend of mine burnt this album onto a blank cd for me and this introduced me to rap. Because of this album I started paying more attention to this to rap and now it’s one of my favorite musical genre’s. It’s a bit sad that a white guy did this but moving on. You can catch me driving around spitting his tunes out.

Innocent Eyes – Delta Goodrem (2003)
At the age of 12 I was introducedĀ (along with the rest of the country)Ā to this Australian songstress. Ā And I have been a fan ever since. Every album and song of hers has made me happy but the debut album takes the cake. It’s simple, beautiful and inspiring. In My Own Time is a song that I particularly took to because I can relate to it in my life. There are a lot of Delta haters these days and that breaks my heart, because at her core she is a lovely person who writes deep and meaningful songs. and she beat freakin’ cancer at the age of 18. Thankful to have her music in my life.

Dreaming Out Loud – OneRepublic (2008)
Ah Ryan Tedder, one of the most under appreciated musical talents there is these days. This lyrics of the first song “all I need is the air I breathe and a place to rest my head.” should be one of everyones life mantras. The album continues with hit pop anthems like Stop and Store & Apoligize and ends with the title track. The lyrics in these songs are a major part as to why I adore this album.

Folie a Deux – Fall Out Boy (2008)
Back in 2008/2009 this album was on repeat. I had been a fan of FOB already, but this album made them iconic to me. Every song stands out on it’s own. Something about this album makes me think, about the meaning behind the words. Which for me is shows the success of an album.

This Is War – Thirty Seconds To Mars (2009)
This is an album and band that I would’ve never expected to like as a teenager. I was more a pop, r&b etc listener back then. But this album by Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars is perfect to me. It tells a story, it’s ferocious, it’s energetic. Vox Populi is a masterpiece. Leto described the process of making the album asĀ “a two-year creative battle that was ferocious and tough but creatively rewarding, and all of those adverse elements, in hindsight, made us stronger and made the record stronger.”

Beautiful Lies – Birdy (2016)
I could have easily had 2 of Birdy albums on this list (the self titled ‘Birdy’ is a gem). But it’s her latest album Beautiful Lies that stole my heart. It’s really a collection of coming of age tunes. “we’ve been changing into something more, familiar faces turning into stone. these growing pains have made us far to strong. we’re moving on.” Her voice is just magical and I can tell she’ll be an artist I’ll be listening to forever.

Honorable mentions to….
The Script – The Script
Strange Clouds – B.O.B
These Streets – Paolo Nutini
The Heist – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Birdy – Birdy
Child Of The Universe – Delta Goodrem
Our Version of Events – Emeli Sande
Back From The Edge – James Arthur
Blue Neighbourhood – Troye Sivan
Interim (The Time Between) – Ferras
One Of The Boys – Katy Perry
Continuum – John Mayer


Simply Eclare is where I (Emily Simpson) express my thoughts, share the things that bring me joy, give awareness to causesĀ that are dear to me and try to inspire others
to live simply.

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