This weekend I am road tripping to the Jervis Bay area with friends. Over the past year I’ve been transforming my brain into having a more minimalist mindset. This especially comes into play when I’m packing. I aim to be practical. This means only packing what I need or what I definitely will use. Here is what I’m taking for a 2 day trip.



It’ll be reasonably cold where I’m going so I have warm items and we will be going on walks/exploring so comfort is key for this trip.
From top left to bottom right. White Tee from Sportsgirl, Black Leggings, Sports Bra, Cap from Sportsgirl, Grey Tee from Country Road, Runners from Asics, Black Sweater from Sportsgirl and Blue Jeans from Just Jeans.

PJS Warmth

PJ’s: Pants from Peter Alexander, Socks from NYC, Rabbitohs Premiership tshirt, warm jumper from Target.
Warm Clothes: Coat from Blume Clothing, Scarf from H&M



From Left to Right
Essano Rosehip Micellar Water
A Bit Hippy Deodorant
Rescue Remedy Spray: often when I’m travelling I struggle to fall asleep and this tends to help a little bit.
Nude By Nature Powder Foundation
Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush from Eco Toothbrush
Oral B Dental Floss
Colgate Toothpaste (won’t be repurchasing from this brand because apparently their not vegan.)
Model Co Eyeliner
ELF Mineral Infused Mascara
A Bit Hippy sample size Moisturisor



Whether I’m out for the day, travelling for a week or a month I ALWAYS make sure I have snacks and other food with me. This saves money and makes sure I never get hangry (you know what I’m talking about). Also being vegan it’s important to bring your own options just in case. Not the healthiest assortment but it’s all good for only a weekend.


Books   zero-waste

There is a wood fireplace at the Air b&b we’re staying at and that means reading. I’m taking two books. Firstly Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I’m also bringing some zero waste things including a tote bag, a stainless steal straw and a reusable water bottle.


This blog is where I (Emily Simpson) express my thoughts, share the things that bring me joy, give awareness to causes that are dear to me and try to inspire others
to live simply and consciously.

Twitter: @emily_cs
Instagram: @simplyeclare
(also @simplantbased & @simplywrittenwords)


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