“If we were all minimalists instead of conspicuous consumers, there would be less demand on the world’s resources and we’d have a smaller, less berserk economy. We’d be less likely to harm the only planet we’ll ever have, and the super-rich would have fewer ways to exploit us.” – Robert Wringham


I currently have 3 books on the go. Each are unique and completely different genres.

Hope In The Dark by Rebecca Solnit: this is exactly how it sounds. It’s a book to give people belief that the world isn’t completely doomed. There have been many moments in history where good change has occurred and where individuals, small groups or entire nations have hoped and planned for a better future.
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott: I loved watching the movie growing up so I thought it was about time that I read the book and I’m already in love. It’ll take me a while to read it, but the authors style of writing, and how closely it resembles the film version will get through it.
Autumn by Ali Smith: I’m slowly but surely getting through this one. It gets a bit boring in parts but overall I love how simply written it is.

I’ve been watching a lot of youtubers that talk about the concept of zero (or minimal) waste lately, and as you’ll see in future blog posts it has become my next goal in the process of simplifying my life and helping the planet. Some of my favorites include Gittemary Johnansen, Sophie Ollis, Sedona Christina, Ali Cherry, Jamie Kate Adoc, Sustainably Vegan and Elizabeth Grace 

Below is a guide to zero waste by Sustainably Vegan. If you’re interested in learning about the way of life, or wanting to have less of a negative footprint on the world watch this video below.

Stuff You Should Know (Podcast):
enjoy learning? Want to know stuff that your friends don’t? If you want either of these things (no judgement with the last one) than this is the podcast for you. Each week the 2 hosts talk about a different topic. They do their research and than delve into the topic. Some of their recent episodes have been about How The Sun Works, How Fever Dreams Work and How Ketchup Works.

Part Time Genius (Podcast): on the similar note to my previous recommendation this podcast teaches you a bunch of useless or useful (depends which way you look at it) facts and information. The difference is it’s a tad more silly (but interesting) and includes guests and quizzes. Topics covered include Do Personality Tests Work?, Who’s Americas Weirdest President and Will We Ever Live Without Sleep.


Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 3.44.58 PM

Roadtrip to Jervis Bay: This past weekend I stayed at this incredible airbnb in Sanctuary Point NSW with some friends where we drunk mulled wine, read books and had intense d&ms about life. We also spent time by the beautiful Hyams Beach, and stopped off in the adorable town of Berry (full of home ware and vintage stores and nice cafes) Going into country areas is so relaxing, and easy to get to. There’s some beautiful places within a few hours of Sydney. I greatly encourage it. Breathe in the country air and forget all your troubles.

Zero Waste Items: Including reusable produce bags, a keepcup, stainless steel straw and bamboo toothbrush. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post when I go into what I’d personally recommend for starting on the zero waste path.

New Clothes: Including a thrifting faux leather jacket, and a pair of the “Girlfriend Jean” (Levi’s) from the Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre

Food: Steel Cut Oats are my new favorite thing. They’re a bit more expensive than other forms of oats, but they’re less processed, are more satisfying and have greater nutrients in them. I’ve been testing vegan chocolate lately and the BEST I’ve come across so far is the DARK organic chocolate from Loving Earth. It’s only 2 ingredients but it is heavenly to eat. I also had 2 delicious meals for my birthday. Yum Cha at Bodhi, and Breakfast at Speedo’s (both photos taken below are from here).

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.10.27 PM

Blog posts for this month include a 30 Song Tag, A Birthday Blog featuring 27 causes/charities that deserve attention more than I do, and What I Packed for my Weekend Away.

I recently played around with my instagram and I’m officially satisfied. I like having a feed where each photo compliments one another, and I’ve found a way to do that. Find me at @simplyeclare

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.21.24 PM

Even though I’ve done a lot to minimise my possessions and made a difference to the environment and animal welfare by going vegan I realise that I’ve still got a long way to go. This includes not wasting food, using bulk food stores instead of supermarkets with packaging on everything, using items that can be used multiple ways and so on. There is always room for improvement and my journey will probably never end (and that’s okay). It’s important to take things slowly. Step by step simplify your life and in turn make a difference in this big bad world. I look forward to finding out new ways to reduce my waste, and contribute positively to society. We only have one planet and we need to do whatever it takes to protect it.


This blog is where I (Emily Simpson) express my thoughts, share the things that bring me joy, give awareness to causes that are dear to me and try to inspire others
to live simply and consciously.

Twitter: @emily_cs
Instagram: @simplyeclare
(also @simplantbased & @simplywrittenwords)


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