minimalist tag questions.




I have been living a minimalistic lifestyle for a while now so I thought it was time to answer some questions about it. I got the questions off tags by Naturally Thrifty Mom and Hello Cathy

I started exploring minimalism back in 2015. It was around the time I started getting into watching youtube on a regular basis. Some of the accounts I watched in the beginning included:

I was really inspired after watching all these videos that I NEEDED to start simplifying my own life and so it all began.

Like many people I started with sorting/culling clothing and accessories. At this stage I just got rid of the items that I didn’t like at all anymore and items that didn’t fit or we’re damaged. I was able to do this (and other stages of the de-cluttering process) with the help of the popular book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Condo. Which is worth all the hype. It’s a good step by step guide to minimising your physical belongings.

For me Minimalism is the process of simplifying every area of your life and actively aiming to keep it that way. Eliminating the things that don’t bring you joy, don’t serve a purpose etc and spending your valuable time (and money) on what YOU consider most important.

Definitely my memory boxes. I’m a very sentimental person who naturally attaches meaning to objects. I used to have an entire two shelves of a cupboard dedicated to sentimental items. (yes, seriously). I probably still have more I could get rid of, but now that I just have 1 medium sized box I’m content with that and when I look through the box it makes me happy. 

How easy it was for me to de-clutter most things. I didn’t expect that at all, considering I hold so much value on the things I own.
It’s quite addictive. This might seem strange but I actually enjoy looking at an item and deciding whether I actually like it or generally need it.
Minimalism has made me more creative. Finding multiple uses for one object, finding ways to save money, testing out different clothing combinations etc.

Don’t compare your minimalist journey to others. Some people when they enter this lifestyle go all in and go through the de-cluttering process in a few days. Some people take one month to a year or longer to go through the process. Each way is fine. It’s a personal preference. For some minimalists fashion and style is their passion, so they have lots of clothes. Other’s may love creating art and therefore have lots of paint and other art supplies. You’re an individual and what you consider important is different to another person. You don’t have to follow every rule. Just look at the end goal as a point where you’re only surrounded by things that make you feel good.


1st Sunday: Personal
2nd Sunday: Veganism
3rd Sunday: Minimalism
4th Sunday: Photos
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