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Tuesday’s with Morrie

P1050366This book follows the author Mitch Albom and his friendship with his old college professor Morrie Schwartz. The two reconnect after many years when Morrie has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Schlerosis and is given limited time to live. The rest of the book takes place on Tuesdays when Mitch goes to visit and learn life’s most important lessons. Their discussions cover love, culture, aging, forgiveness etc.

It’s well written, honest, and in a unique style. It’s beautiful to see that 2 quite different individuals can have a strong connection and respect for one another. Morrie is a delightful man. The fact that he can stay so positive throughout his physical deterioration is something we should strive for when we’re going through personal hardships.

Lavender Essential Oil


This is only a new purchase but I’m very pleased with it. The benefits of Lavender Oil are endless.

  • Reduces anxiety and emotional stress.
  • Improves brain function.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Relieves pain.

I’ve been putting a drop of lavender on my wrists and neck before bed. I’ve noticed since using it that I fall asleep much quicker. It also calms my nerves and clears my nose if I’m feeling sick. I really should’ve started this earlier. I got mine from the Charles Reuben Estate stall at Salamanca Market in Hobart but there’s heaps of options online.

Honeybunch of Onion Tops

If there’s one youtuber you should watch for vegan recipe ideas and what I eat in a day’s it’s Phoebe’s. While her video’s are highly well thought out and put together but she also has a very chilled vibe. She makes a lot of unique recipes. Some simple, some more complex but all well explained. Her instagram is damn good also. And she has a ebook out. She’s killing it.

Homemade Almond Milk


I am officially done with store bought plant milks (except on those extra lazy weeks). I have started making my own Almond Milk and it is delicious. Homemade is great because you can keep the ingredients natural. The process is easy (if you have a high speed blender). It’s so versatile. I use it in smoothies and iced coffee’s.

Here’s how I make mine…

Makes 1ltr

  • 1 Cup of Almonds
  • 1 Cup of Filtered Water
  • A little bit of sweetener of choice (dates, maple syrup, vanilla essence etc)


  1. Soak almonds in a bowl of cold water for at least 8 hours (the longer the better)
  2. Add soaked almonds to a high speed blender
  3. Add water to the blender
  4. Blend until well combined/smooth (normally takes a minute or so.)
  5. Some people then strain the almond milk but I see this as unnecessary. Just shake the mixture well when you’re about to pour it.
  6. Refrigerate and use within 2-3 days

Weekly Yoga Classes

I’ll admit it. I am a non-committed yoga participator. Normally I do a yoga class once and then I don’t do it again for a few months. This year I wanted that to be different so I purchased a ten class pass to Yoga Bar. I have been the last 3 weeks and I’m loving it. They have many different types of classes at a range of times throughout the week. It’s suitable to everyone (beginners through experts). The teachers are great and the vibe at their city centre is super motivating.

Minimalistic Accessories

2I used to be a hoarder of jewellery/accessories. Nowadays I keep it very simple and wear the same items everyday. These pictured above are my 2 must have accessories. These sunglasses are my first pair of polarised ones. I love round sunnies, their just classic. I got this rose gold necklace as a gift for myself and my sister and got them engraved with our initials.

Spotify Playlists

Coffee & Chill
I play this when I’m working, in the morning, while I’m having a cup of tea, whenever I want a more relaxed vibe. It’s a lovely mix of acoustic, soft pop songs.

Meaningful Raps
I really enjoy rap particularly those that have a powerful or inspiring message behind it. I greatly appreciate how deep these artists get. It features songs from Eminem, Phora, J Cole and various others.


My name is Emily and I post every Sunday.
The areas I cover are minimalism, veganism, photography, travel and music.
Twitter: @emily_cs
Instagram: @simplyeclare


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